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A collection of all of Sir Charles Spencer “Charlie” Chaplin’s Film Works with links to watch them online:

Keystone Studios 1914

Making A Living | A Busy Day | A Fair Exchange | A Film Johnnie | Caught in a Cabaret | Charlie’s Recreation | Mabel’s Married Life | Cruel Cruel Love | Face on the Bar room Floor | Gentleman of Nerve | His Favourite Pastime | His Prehistoric Past | His Trysting Place | Kid Auto Races at Venice | Laughing Gas | Mabel’s Busy Day | Mabel’s Strange Predicament | Musical Tramps | The Fatal Mallet | The Good For Nothing | The Knockout | The Landlady’s Pet | The Masquerader | The New Janitor | The Property Man | The Rival Mashers | The Rounders | Tillie’s Punctured Romance | Twenty Minutes of Love | A Thief Catcher | Between Showers | Mabel at the Wheel | The Star Boarder | Dough and Dynamite | Getting Acquainted | Caught in the Rain |

Essanay Film Company 1915- 1918

A Burlesque On Carmen | A Night in the Show | A Night Out | A Woman | By The Sea | Shanghaied | His New Job | In The Park | Police | The Bank | The Champion | The Tramp | Work | A Jitney Elopement | Triple Trouble |

Mutual Film Corporation 1916- 1917

The Floorwalker | The Fireman | The Vagabond | One A.M | The Count | The Pawn Shop | Behind The Screen | The Rink | Easy Street | The Cure | The Immigrant | The Adventurer |

First National 1918- 1923

A Dog’s Life | The Bond | Shoulder Arms | Sunnyside | A Day’s Pleasure | The Kid | The Idle Class | Pay Day | The Pilgrim |

United Artists 1923- 1952

A Woman of Paris | The Gold Rush | The Circus | City Lights | Modern Times | The Great DictatorMonsieur Verdoux | Limelight |

British Productions 1957 & 1967

A King in New York | A Countess From Hong Kong |

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